Akemi currently offers a range of online classes and workshops where you will learn the secret of authentic cooking and condiments making. Her curiosity and enthusiasm have taken her to the deepest core of the traditional methods through regular trips to Japan, it is her passion to share the joy and knowledge of new discovery with you. Please note that some classes are organised by Sozai Cooking School.


Tofu Making Workshop (Online)

You will learn how to make fresh soy milk and tofu. At the end of the class you will be provided with 3 delicious recipes using the tofu lees... More


Fermentation: Summer Miso Making Workshop 1 - Barley Miso (Online)

Miso is one of the most essential condiments in Japanese diet, along with soy sauce, mirin and sake... More

Fermentation: Summer Miso Making Workshop 2 - Kinzanji Miso  (Online)

Kinzanji miso is a type of 'namemiso' that is eaten with rice and vegetables rather than being used for cooking...More

Sozai Cooking School

Regular ramen classes are available online at Sozai Cooking School.

1/2 Day Essential Ramen Class (Online)

The popular ramen class is returning online! If you love ramen and want to learn how to make the authentic ramen from scratch at home, this class is for you. You will learn the core basics of authentic ramen making. The class is offered by Sozai Cooking School. For more information click HERE


Miso Ramen Made Easy (Online) 

IF YOU SIMPLY WANT TO MAKE A DELICIOUS BOWL OF RAMEN without having to go through the lengthly processes of stock making and noodle making, this class is for you! 

The class is offered by Sozai Cooking School. For more information click HERE.